Grocery Shopping In The Time Of A Pandemic

If your retail business has managed to stay safe and afloat during the rough ride of coronavirus – congratulations. Many haven’t been so lucky. As of November 2020, the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW) — a labor union comprised of 1.3 million members — reported that over 17,400 grocery workers have now been infected or exposed to  Covid-19. Grocery shopping, once an ordinary chore, has become a hazardous outing and one many avoid for fear of infection.   What Scientists (& Legislators) Are Saying Coronavirus is an airborne virus, so it’s not exactly mind-blowing news that essential workers are especially vulnerable. Tight indoor spaces, like those found in grocery stores, allow viruses to linger and infect those nearby. The EPA even claims that indoor infections can occur beyond the previously reported 6-foot range. Of course, research suggests that minimizing the number of people in an indoor space can reduce the spread of Covid-19. And some le

Beat The Pandemic with High-Tech Solutions

  Has your business been hit hard by coronavirus? If the answer is yes, you’re far from alone. Physical stores across the globe have been forced to shut down with no signs of re-opening and minimal relief. Not to mention, consumers are on tight budgets and e-commerce has never felt easier. This newfound fear of being outdoors and standing (and shopping) among large crowds has warranted a new word – coronaphobia. And it’s impacting bottom lines everywhere. However, there’s one silver lining. Most grocers and supermarkets have managed to hold on in a post-pandemic universe. There’s just one caveat. Continued growth is dependent on new strategies, business models, and high-tech tools designed for in-store use. To combat the inevitable decline of in-store businesses, Docent Corp, the developer of a high-precision Indoor Positioning System (IPS) , aims to use its patented technology to bring the grocery business back to life and keep it alive indefinitely. How IPS Works Utilizing

Why Do We Need to Count Footfall Traffic?

  Why Do We Need to Count Footfall Traffic?   If you own a retail establishment or manage a shop at a mall, you’ve probably heard of the term “footfall traffic”. F ootfall traffic is the measurement of people entering a shop or shopping mall. Footfall traffic is far more important than simply knowing how many people are entering your shop; it’s taking that information and using it to make important marketing decisions that will impact the number of consumers converted into sales. Keep in mind that large numbers of people entering a store doesn’t necessarily mean that the store will be profitable but understanding the numbers will help businesses find ways to generate profits. Why Footfall Traffic Matters Footfall traffic matters because it can show a shop what they’re doing right and what they need to improve. For example, finding out that huge numbers of unique people are entering your shop indicates that your brand is recognizable or that the outside of your shop is attra